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photo credit: Peter Van Beever

There’s something so pretty about a winter wedding: Softly falling snow, that innate desire to get cozy with people you love, the way the light sparkles on snowflakes… If you’re planning a wedding in the cooler months, the chance of snow may be likely, and a bride should be prepared! If you weren’t expecting snow but the forecast has a surprise in store for you, here are a few last-minute ways to winter-proof your wedding and keep everything running smoothly.

Make Sure the Wedding Party Is Prepared
The first thing to do is make sure you, your fiancé, your families, and your wedding party are ready for the chance of snow in the forecast. Make sure everyone knows to pack layers, sturdy shoes, and coats, especially if you’ll need to be transported from your hotel to the venue(s). Consider donning tights beneath your dress, which you can always take off after those outdoor photos, and grab a few umbrellas: They aren’t just for rain!

Check In With Your Guests
If guests haven’t started to travel yet, be sure to send out an email reminding them to check for travel delays and to drive and fly safely. If the snow shows up the morning of your wedding, alert them to any changes in transportation you were providing, such as an earlier departure time for the ceremony to allow plenty of time for cautious driving.

Contact Your Venue
There are a few things you’ll want to review with your wedding venue. If guests are driving and parking on-site, see if there’s any change due to the need for snow plows. Had you planned on having part of your wedding outside? Find out if that plan will still work, or if the weather means you’ll need to switch to plan B. And of course, make sure you’re set up for some sort of coat check so guests don’t have to bring wet gear into your reception.

Roll With It
Buy boxes of hand warmers, set up a tea and hot cocoa station during cocktail hour to fight the chill, and huddle for warmth: All that extra snuggling will make for great photos as the snow falls!


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