About Our Gift

OpLove is a non-profit organization of professional photographers that offer free photo sessions, images and prints to our military undergoing a deployment or coming home from one. If you qualify for a session, please go to the OPLOVE website here and fill out the session application web form from your computer. Once the form is filled out you will choose me, Patrick Damon Photography, from the map. Once I receive your information I will reach out to discuss the session and our availability.
Session Qualifications:
  1. As of September 2016, ALL deployments and tours OVERSEAS and for a timeframe of at least 4 months (for deployment session) qualify for OpLove services.  If your loved one is already overseas and they have less than 3 months time before returning to the United States, you may only participate for a homecoming session.  At this time CONUS TDY and PCS do not qualify.  The deployed person must be going to a “Combat Zone” as defined by the IRS. The updated list is here: http://www.irs.gov/uac/Combat-Zones
  2. The deployment must be a minimum of 4 months in length.
  3. Only 2 sessions are allowed per deployment/year. The first is either a Pre or Mid-Deployment session. If it is a Mid-Deployment session, there must be at least 60 days left of the deployment to qualify. Otherwise, you will only be able to receive the homecoming session. The second is ONLY the homecoming session, which is done at the actual time of the family reuniting, not afterwards.

Pre & Mid Deployment Sessions – Before your loved one leaves or if they are in the middle of the deployment, our photographers provide: a free patriotic portrait session with your family, 15 prints from your session shipped directly overseas. This gift is about boosting the morale of our military while they are away from their loved ones and giving them photos to look at and hold onto.Homecoming Sessions – Our photographer will be at the reunion of seeing your loved one again, at the actual time & place of the homecoming. We will provide that homecoming session and 15 digital image downloads for free. These sessions are designed to capture the emotional moments of reuniting with your loved one after months apart.

Fallen Loved Ones – It is literally the worse-case scenario when this happens, and we completely understand that there is very little consolation that we can do to help in these unimaginable times. But as an organization that benefits military members and their families, we feel that we have to do something. If you were an OpLove client before the deployment, please visit our page titled Sgt Soto Memorial Fund about our gift to you. If you have not been a previous OpLove client, but wish to have one of our participating photographers at the homecoming/funeral services of your loved one, please contact us directly at tonee@oplove.org. We will do our best to arrange someone to be there for you.